Sudhir is responsible for overseeing the IT transformation of Wipro’s largest clients and the build-out of design and engineering-led capabilities that are at the heart of the enterprise agility paradigm. Sudhir and his team focus on enabling clients to transform their IT division into a high-performance organization.


He focusses on the implementation strategy and economics of embedding agility into a technology organization. Sudhir has successfully helped his clients transform their org design, execution model, architecture and engineering capabilities. His clients have seen a step change in their TCO, IT productivity and velocity while bringing business and IT into a common product oriented construct.


Sudhir describes himself as a mixture of Indian cultures: the rough, risk-hungry North is melded with the intellectual, responsible South and the hard-working, opportunist West. His interests are just as hybrid and diverse – from amateur blogging to an eclectic reading list that includes Harry Potter, economics, and PG Woodhouse.


Inspired by “the brilliance of nature and the ingenuity and optimism of people and books,” Sudhir is an enthusiastic learner who hopes one day to wear a T-shirt that reads, “I kept learning. Therefore I am.”

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