Andy leads the Digital CMO practice, pulling all the threads of Wipro Digital together to design, build and activate personalized customer experiences that deepen engagement and drive commercial impact. He leads and enables high-performance agile marketing teams to collaborate and drive growth into the end-to-end customer journey through new-age technologies, test-and-learn experimentation, and lab environments.


Andy is passionate about exploiting new data, advanced analytics/AI, and content automation to enable marketers to adopt, optimize, and scale contextual personalization. His focus is on the internal fitness of the organization to deliver the external experiences to the customer – seamlessly, effortless, and frictionless of IT. Thus transforming the role of the Digital CMO to become the product owner for brand, customer, and employee experience, moving from a cost centre to a growth driver.


With a knack for solving problems since childhood, Andy seeks to combine vision and innovation with the reality of business to find a creative yet pragmatic solutions, all from the perspective of the customer. He puts himself in their shoes, with the expectation of seamless service and frictionless experiences whenever he needs to connect with a brand.

When he isn’t out problem-solving, you might find Andy watching Gloucester Rugby while trying desperately not to give way to temptation and play again. He also loves to travel and experience the diversity of cultures and scenery in this brilliant world.

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