Alex leads marketing, developing our story and positioning for digital channels, media, analysts, recruits, employees and other key audiences. He’s constantly inspired to create a new, magical experience or evolve something tried and true into something relevant and remarkable – that’s what fuels his passion for digital and the wondrous things marketers can accomplish.


As one of his best friends in college would say, “there’s always a better way,” and while all those years ago Alex didn’t know he’d become a marketer, this phrase has become his philosophy. He’s always looking for a better way to interact with consumers, enabled by the amazing technologies, designs and strategies we marketers have at our disposal.


Alex spends his “unplugged” time boating, snowboarding, playing squash and volleyball, and appreciating German Shepherds, good food, cooking, and travel.

Now that you’ve met us, you’re probably wondering what do we do?