Wipro has been named a ‘Leader’ by the global research and advisory firm NelsonHall in its latest NEAT analysis on Internet of Things (IoT) services.


NelsonHall evaluated 11 of the most significant IoT service providers, across over 40 criteria. According to the profile detailing Wipro’s IoT capabilities, Wipro is an end-to-end service provider for IoT, moving the client from consulting services, to device engineering and machine analytics, systems integration, platform and application services, workflow building, and managed services.


The report identifies the following strengths of Wipro in IoT services:


  • Strong in IoT application services
  • Strong product engineering services, to take clients into product manufacturing for device prototyping
  • Investment in Intellectual Property across a number of industries for IoT, with a high level of investment through its venture fund in either IoT, or areas that directly benefit IoT
  • Services to support the management of aftermarket services, through IoT security services and related command center services.


Download Report: http://iot.wiprodigital.com/news/nelsonhall/


According to Mike Smart, IT Services Research Analyst, NelsonHall, “Wipro has demonstrated the ability to enable the building of IoT technologies from ideation and consulting services (including product engineering, systems integration, IoT platform and application services) to the management of IoT systems with a strong set of frameworks. Its push to develop patented applications has benefited clients in the IoT space, especially in healthcare, connected vehicles, and manufacturing.”


Elaborating on Wipro’s vision and focus on IoT, Rajan Kohli, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Digital, Wipro Limited said, “IoT is increasingly becoming a part of every digital initiative to increase revenue, reduce cost or provide new and unique experiences to customers. Providing an agnostic, end-to-end IoT service capability helps our customers deliver meaningful, relevant and seamless experiences to their customers across touch points. I’m proud of our team and we are working with customers to turn the ‘internet of things’ into an ’internet of experiences’. ”


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