Wipro has joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation, home to a family of interoperable open source projects for the enterprise, as a Gold Member. Wipro joins Google, Pivotal, SAP and VMWare, in addition to prominent end-user members American Airlines, Fidelity, Ford, The Home Depot, Volkswagen, and over 60 other technology innovators as a Foundation member.


Wipro is already an active member of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem and joining Cloud Foundry Foundation demonstrates Wipro’s commitment to contributing to its ongoing success. Through this membership, Wipro will lend its considerable technical capabilities to the community and to the ongoing development of the platform.


“As more and more of our customers recognize the strategic importance of open source, joining and actively engaging in Cloud Foundry Foundation facilitates Wipro’sparticipationinthe most relevantcommunities, increasesourresourcecompetency and builds deepertrust with our clients,” said Rahul Shah, Vice President, Global Head – Solution Design and Partnerships, Wipro Digital.  


Wipro Digital, the digital transformation arm of Wipro, has become a leader in the cloud native space and has significantly increased their partnership with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, one of the major contributors to and distributors of Cloud Foundry. This combination leverages Wipro’s expertise and scale, and Pivotal’s innovative approach to software development.


“Joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation demonstrates Wipro’s robust commitment to helping clients on their cloud native journeys and to the open source movement as a whole. We look forward to the expertise and insights we will bring to clients through our work with the Foundation,” said Rajan Kohli, President of Wipro Digital.


“We’re very happy to have Wipro join the Cloud Foundry Foundation. We look forward to them contributing to the community and the technology and to playing an important role in the evolution of Cloud Foundry,” said Abby Kearns, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation.

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