The new black is the “digital customer experience.”  People and companies say that all the time when describing their strategies, their operating models or their mantras of the month, but do they really mean it? Do they really believe that it’s all about the customer?


At Wipro, we’ve always put the customer at the center of everything we do.   At Wipro Digital, the “digital customer experience” is the foundation for what we’re building. Don’t believe it?  It now appears that others are recognizing that we do indeed understand it, preach it, sell it, talk it and yes, walk it.  Look no further than this statement:


“Wipro Digital is an ambitious digital offshoot stitching together end-to-end digital capabilities to truly design and deliver digital transformation.” -Reetika Joshi, Research Director, HfS Research.


That quote comes from analyst firm HfS Research in its Marketing Operations and Digital Customer Experience Management Blueprint Report, in whichWipro Digital was named a “Winner.”  The report evaluated service providers on their execution and delivery capabilities as well as their ability to innovate and improve services.


Not that we needed to be reminded of what we do well, it’s always nice to be recognized for something that we think should be inherent in every organization! i.e. execution, delivery and innovation. The report goes on to say that, “Wipro Digital is a leader at developing strong client relationships, executing services beyond expectations and is highly flexible when meeting client needs.”


That quote really underlines what we truly believe separates us from the others.  That is: Develop lasting relationships, over-deliver on expectations and be flexible to what the client needs.


The report goes on to say:

“Wipro Digital has a strong vision for the future, invests in future capabilities, works across verticals and works with external partners to increase value for clients.”


This report is a great testament to the fact that we are indeed firmly committed to the future. It’s no small achievement to be a “winner” the first time at bat:  this is the very first analyst report covering our Wipro Digital business.  It’s also a great jumping off point to the future that is Wipro Digital and to a future that has the customer experience right in the middle of it!


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