Overview of “Wipro Digital in Good Shape and High Speed” by Mette Ahorlu


IDC attended Wipro Digital’s analyst event in London in May 2016 at Stamford Bridge and came away with positive impressions, believing that Wipro Digital is well-positioned in the digital transformation market and “living the values it brings to clients.” It was commended for strong thinking, good internal skills, a clear value proposition, and many good stories to tell.


IDC first met Wipro Digital in January 2015 when the business unit was first created. Since then, Wipro has acquired Designit, succeeded in keeping Designit’s identity intact while moving forward as Wipro Digital, created an integrated and consistent end-to-end portfolio, and won a number of large new clients based on the new capabilities and value proposition. IDC was impressed at how far Wipro Digital has come, expressing that it has “put a lot of effort into integrating the two organizations by creating an integrated offering and by taking its own medicine in the form of a radically simplified messaging – underpinned by deep understanding of its topics.”


IDC recognized Wipro Digital’s core focus as the disruptive transformation of the business more than incremental changes brought by technology, and identified three key differentiators: experience-led; high velocity; and global scale and complexity. IDC singled out these qualities as bringing out the best of Designit’s union with Wipro Digital, the former’s design expertise merging with the scale, resources, and delivery capabilities of the latter. IDC also acknowledged Wipro Digital’s focus on end-to-end IoT solutions as a strong focus area. On Wipro’s consulting organization moving to Wipro Digital, IDC advised that they have seen proven domain expertise from consultants, but argued that greater focus is needed at the business strategy level.


With Wipro Digital’s pace, focus and the progress made in 18 months, IDC sees a bright future for the company and its potential.



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