Digital transformation success requires an integrated combination of strategy, design and technology. Many enterprises bring one or two of these areas to bear yet struggle to leverage all three. Positioned around the world, Wipro’s Digital Pods address this challenge by assembling experts in each of these key areas, providing clients a single, local resource to start or accelerate their transformation journey.


HFS Research recently spent time with Wipro’s Digital Pod in London, observing how efficiently the Digital Pod approach advanced clients’ initiatives. HFS said Wipro’s innovative system “brings clients a closer relationship with solutions,” enabling them “to move seamlessly through consultative problem solving, solution design, and, finally, development and implementation.”


As business leaders find it increasingly difficult to navigate digital-transformation steps and partners, Wipro’s Digital Pods offer an intuitive and powerful vehicle to access and leverage diverse expertise.


To learn more about Wipro’s Digital Pods and how enterprises worldwide have benefited from the approach, we invite you to download HFS Research’s full report.

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