In his debut column for CMSWire, Wipro Digital’s Rajan Kohli discusses how companies can take deliberate steps to empower on-site and remote employees to work productively without interrupting their now-normal work patterns. The full article, available here, begins by noting that “a crisis always contains the seeds of a previously unimagined future. Before the pandemic, would any company agree to the majority of its employees working from home? Yet in astonishingly short order, the once-unthinkable has become routine. Office complexes sit empty, home offices buzz with online collaboration, employees sleep later yet get to work earlier, and energy once wasted fighting traffic now moves important projects forward.


“Organizations have adapted admirably. But the next step requires lasting change. Welcome to the hybrid workplace.


“Modern businesses have grown accustomed to mobile workers, as salespeople, executives, consultants and frequent travelers regularly move between locations. But now remote work has become the new normal for the entire workforce. As the work environment becomes a hybrid of office- or factory-centric work overlapping with remote work, how should companies design the workplace?”


To learn about the five-step framework companies can embrace to enable a hybrid workplace, read Rajan’s full article on the CMSWire website.

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