In his recent byline for InformationWeek, Wipro Digital’s Rajan Kohli shared how companies can identify their position on the AI spectrum and fast-track their leadership status. The full article, available here, begins by noting that “artificial intelligence deployments are no longer a risky bet for enterprises, but a ‘must-have’ investment. Gartner has reported that 59% of organizations have deployed AI, with the average company expected to have 10 AI projects by the end of this year. Yet organizations in that 59% aren’t equal in their adoption success.


“It’s obvious when a company is leading its industry or severely lagging, and both scenarios have clearly defined paths. But what about organizations whose AI is somewhere in the middle? What’s holding them back, and how can they become a leader?


“Rapid AI adoption presents a challenge for many IT and business leaders. As competitors with robust AI accelerate their momentum, companies in the middle of the pack risk losing ground. A difficult task for many enterprises is recognizing their place on that spectrum. If executives can’t identify their AI position, it’s difficult to determine whether and where to improve their strategy.


“There are several ways the C-suite can recognize whether their company’s in the middle of the pack.” The most-common traits include hidden holdouts, one-dimensional mindsets, a talent shortage, and the last-mover advantage. To read about these trait, and hear how to identify and overcome them, read Rajan’s full article on the InformationWeek website.

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