Our Salesforce services for large enterprises are recognized as among the most innovative in our industry.


The Wipro Salesforce Practice is proving itself to be one of the tech industry’s top Salesforce experts for large enterprises. In the ISG Provider Lens™: Salesforce Ecosystem Partners, U.S. 2021 Quadrant Report, Wipro achieved a leader status in the “Implementation & Integration Services for Large Enterprises” category and the “Managed Application Services for Large Enterprises” category, as shown below.


The report evaluates 39 Salesforce partners and examines their various offerings. This study made the initial distinction between two main categories: implementation services (“Change Business”) and managed application services that are dedicated to supporting an organization’s Salesforce applications (“Run Business”). The Provider Lens enables businesses looking for a Salesforce service provider to make an informed decision to ensure they can find a partner that will deliver solutions that align with their business goals and operations.


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Source: ISG Research 2021

Source: ISG Research 2021


After categorizing, the study went on to further break down these partners across 5 segments distinguishing between large enterprise and midmarket:

  • Implementation & Integration Services for Large Enterprises
  • Implementation Services for Core Clouds Midmarket
  • Implementation Services for Marketing Cloud Midmarket
  • Managed Application Services for Midmarket
  • Managed Application Services for Large Enterprises


In each segment, each partner earned a ranking in one of four possible quadrants: Leader, Product Challenger, Market Challenger, and Contender.


Wipro Strengths
The ISG Provider Lens also outlines the strengths that earned our leader rankings in both segments. When discussing our implementation and integration services, the report says, “Wipro is a powerful provider of Salesforce-oriented services on a global scale, with significant growth in terms of size as well as scope of services.” It also evaluation of our managed application services, “Wipro is a highly capable provider of managed application services around Salesforce-based solutions with a strong focus on ensuring business value.”


The report listed the following strengths for our leadership in these areas:

  • Global industry expertise across the Wipro organization: The Wipro Salesforce Practice is built on a combination of talent and industry-specific expertise to offer a robust portfolio of Salesforce solutions and the ability to deliver cross-platform tech services outside the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Innovative delivery capabilities: Wipro’s delivery model is built on a combination of onshore and offshore practices that provide efficiencies in client engagements due to delivery center locations and cost-effective services.
  • Salesforce Lightning Bolts: Wipro offers a series of Lightning Bolt solutions available in the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace, with digital applications specifically designed to tackle challenges facing healthcare professionals, field service technicians, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Application management and business value solutions: Wipro offers industry-leading application management tools, including their PURVUE platform, a Salesforce-based tool that enables organizations to more effectively measure their investments in technology, processes, and talent.
  • End-to-end Salesforce monitoring and support: Wipro’s Thrive service ensures that clients’ Salesforce operations are delivering valuable benefits, with adjustments being made as necessary to ensure operations are running as expected.


As organizations across multiple industries seek to improve their customer engagements, we’ll continue to deliver groundbreaking Salesforce solutions that expand the potential of what the Salesforce platform has to offer.


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