A global study with inputs from business and IT leaders across industries.


We live in a complex, noisy world where attention spans are shrinking. To be relevant to end customers, organizations need to exceed expectations while remaining competitive – easier said than done. The digital transformation initiatives that allow organizations to achieve these goals require careful planning and execution, including rigorous attention to processes, data, infrastructure and security. 


IDG Connect, on behalf of Wipro, researched to find out what companies around the globe are saying about their digital transformation experiences. The report covers:

  • The main challenges of customer facing in digital transformation
  • How companies are managing digital transformation
  • The opportunities that companies identified as having substantial benefits

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Watch Wipro’s Chandra Surbhat, VP & Global Head of Digital Experience, and Sanjeev Dubey, Head of IPA, discuss their take on frictionless, omnichannel experiences with CIO.com.