Wipro’s application development and maintenance (ADM) expertise is giving developers the tools they need to shape the future of the software industry. Our ADM services have been earned a Leader status in the 2020 ISG Provider Lens™ Next-gen Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) Services report for the U.S.


The report outlines its evaluation of 40 service providers across six quadrants: Next-gen ADM, Application Maintenance Services – Midmarket/Niche, Agile Development, DevSecOps Consulting, Continuous Testing – Midmarket and Expert Consulting, and Continuous Testing – Large Accounts. Wipro’s services are applicable to four of the quadrants and we’re rated as a Leader across all four.

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The strengths of Wipro’s next-gen ADM services, according to the ISG report, are as follows:

  • “Democratization of ADM: With a developer-centric approach, the company focuses on democratizing the developer experience. Key aspects include democratizing application design and development, automating development processes and creating a citizen developer ecosystem through hybrid crowd sourcing models for the software development lifecycle (SDLC). These are supported by Wipro’s IP and solutions that enable development of polyglot data models, cloud-native engineering and site reliability engineering.”
  • “devNXT platform to deliver client value: Wipro’s AI-driven devNXT platform helps develop smart applications for clients. Some of its analytics features include developer assistant bots, cognitive search, conversation analytics, AIOps (self-healing), log anomaly detection and pattern analysis.”
  • “Automation focus for application domains: The company has developed more than 100 automation bots for different technology stacks to support both application development and management services by automating 30 percent of the activities.”
  • “Strong focus on Agile delivery: Wipro offers strong experience in delivering and scaling Agile projects by using various frameworks like Agile Anywhere, SAFe, Nexus and LeSS. Its localized Agile workforce can effectively leverage distributed Agile to collaborate with offshore teams to reduce the cost of delivery.”
  • “CoEs for continuous testing: Wipro has more than 30 centers of excellence to deliver continuous testing across the lifecycle. It has created more than 110 domain-testing CoEs across various geographies focused on the banking, insurance, communication and health care verticals.”
  • “Proprietary tools offer DevSecOps maturity and scale: Wipro uses proprietary assets such as DIGITAL RIG™ for enabling DevSecOps at scale, Wipro RAPID Ops for automating the software release management process and Wipro Integrated DevOps (WID™) Platform to help organizations achieve 80 percent reutilization and 20 percent configuration/customization.”


To read the full report, download it here.