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The 10:10 Tech Talks podcast, brings you bite-sized, 10-minute conversations with today’s tech leaders and industry experts. Hosted by Wipro Architect Evangelist Steve Hultquist, the program provides a look at the latest innovations and strategies from across the technology spectrum. 

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Episode 001: Why Device Choice Matters

Your new favorite series is here! Introducing 10:10 Tech Talks, a bite-sized, 10-minute series bringing you conversations with today’s tech leaders and industry experts who share their thoughts on the latest innovations, strategies, and insights from across the technology spectrum. Our first guest, Tim Lydon, Global Head of Apple Device Services at Wipro, discusses why enterprise employees should be allowed to choose between PCs and Macs for their work devices.

Episode 002: Why HR Wants Macs

Tune into episode 002 of our 10:10 Tech Talks series, “Why HR Wants Macs.” Mike Benn, Solutions Architect at Wipro, talks about the benefits a Mac device program provides to HR, employees, and the company. How does a brand attract potential employees? How does a company get a leg up over its competition? How does it retain talent and keep them engaged and productive?

Episode 003: Work the Way You Live

In this session, Dennis Groenveld, Director of Google Workspace solutions at Wipro, discusses the topic of “Work the Way You Live.” As people embrace the work-from-anywhere workplace, employees’ brand of laptop is becoming an extension of their own personal brand.

Episode 004: Managing Macs in the Enterprise

Wipro’s Dennis Groenveld, an evangelist for the work-from-anywhere philosophy, talks about how companies can effectively manage the Macs in their infrastructure. Since IT organizations are more familiar with Windows, they try to shoehorn Macs into that paradigm, causing problems and limiting the benefits of Macs.

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